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Our installations measure the success of Your business

About us


WELDING STAR company exists on domestic and foreign market since 1999. From the beginning we undertook ambitious and difficult topics. We realize the tasks that require great knowledge, involvement and passion. We undertake technological challenges related to solving problems that ensue from technical limitations with technology customization, to the increasing demands of our customers.

Instalations which we have made, are build in turnkey system for end customer. We start the work by creating the concept, through project preparation work (P&D and 3D), production of individual elements and devices, on-site assembly, make electrical and automatic connections and run the instalation.


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Customer trust

We work for the best and the largest food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries. Our customers reckon with us and trust in our experience. We mainly handle the processes containing transport, mixing and preparing liquids and powders. We also have extensive experience in optimizing production processes that we make for our customers during relocation a technological lines between their workplaces.

Technological development

As a result of our own contribution to research and development and innovative approach to processes we are able to offer our customers solutions based on our own patents and experience. We work closely with many scientific units, for which we make innovative pilot lines associated with new technologies for new products. We have a rich machine park and experienced staff that is able to accomplish every challenge.

Our offer

We produce:

  • manufacturing and assembling complete technological lines with launching
  • plate and tube pasteurizers
  • CIP station: automatic and manual
  • Component dosing systems
  • Fluid and powder mixing system
  • Valve manifolds
  • Chilled water system
  • Systems for the sterilization of containers and pipelines
  • Technology diagrams and 3D projects
  • Atmospheric and pressure containers
  • Platforms, constructions, stairs
  • Roller and belt conveyors
  • Frame and side mixers
  • Relocation of technological lines
  • Orbital welding in the range from 8mm to 168mm

They trusted us

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Registration to Central Registration And Information On Business number 3181
Taxpayer identification number (NIP): 818-123-87-25
REGON: 690530396
Account number:  97 1500 1100 1211 0006 0728 0000
Account number for cross-border settlements
Account number: PL 89 1500 1100 1211 0006 0744 0000



ul. Mościckiego 25 A
39-200 Dębica

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